BISOH CH Reinwood One With The Force, IT

The FORCE was with ANI !!!

2019  was quite the whirlwind!

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THANK YOU to all the judges who recognized Ani's gorgeous movement and type!

Ani and I, despite the late start showing in 2019, came away with 3 NOH BIS, Four NOH group 1, One NOH group 2, One NOH group 3, one NOH Group 4 and one REGULAR Herding group 4!!!  WOW!!!  We look forward to continued success in 2020, finishing up the points for the Grand Champion and HOPEFULLY puppies too!

Owned AND BRED BY: Mary-Elizabeth Simpsoon (simcorgi@aol.com) and Cathy Santarsiero (christmascorgi@gmail.com.  OF Reinwood Corgis.  Trained and shown by Mary Elizabeth.