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Reinwood Hearts Delight, CD, RN, CGC, BN


Run free my friend.  Time was too short.  What we spent together was worth a lot.  If I could only push a RE DO button and hug you once again I would.  Thank you for uplifting me in the years we were together.  You were a gift from God and Tasha.  You will always be in my heart!  The lessons I learned from you will be with me forever!  Love you Emma!

Emma was a gift from heaven.  When my heart girl, Tasha, passed away a very strong feeling of power came from Tasha that Emma was the chosen one as I stood looking over the litter of 3 week old puppies.  Over the course of several years Emma has been my guide, my blanket, my band aid as I struggled with the few things in life.  Loosing Tasha was in every way very difficult and Emma was there to help me through the grief.  When she turned five I finally decided it was time to move on and start working the dogs again.  Emma came through wanting to learn and together we earned rally-O title, Obedience titles and the Canine Good Citizen title.  She gave me two wonderful litters and is now spayed to be my companion and demo dog at the classes that I teach.  I just adore this girl!

Emma is CERF-clear, OFA-Good, MDR1-clear and DM-carrier

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