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Sorry, at the moment we do not have any puppies available.


Please note:  When you email me inquiring about puppies I will NOT sell puppies, adults or rescues to anyone who lives overseas.  I will NOT disclose price of puppies until I know you are serious about purchasing one of my puppies.  Getting a puppy from ANY reputable breeder will cost over  $2,000.00  so plan to spend that kind of money before contacting me or any reputable breeder.  I only sell to show puppies on co-ownership.  All companion puppies are sold on LIMITED AKC registration.  I do not sell puppies to families to children under 6 years of age.  All prospective buyers MUST plan to meet the dam of puppies PRIOR to purchase as well as the puppies themselves.  I will NOT ship sight unseen and I will NOT ship to other states.  You MUST plan to drive or fly to my residence to pick up your puppy.  NO brokers or third parties!!!!  All my puppies are home raised and loved.  It is my duty to make sure that they go to qualified homes as I care about their well being.  


When you send an email to me, please tell me about yourself, family whether you have had a dog in the past, your intentions for getting a puppy, and any other information that you wish to share.  If I feel you meet my goal for such puppy I will reply your email and send you a questionnaire.  I cannot assure you that I will have a puppy available but if I do not have anything I may be able to direct you to a reputable breeder or breeders who may have something.  If I receive any emails asking for price, or if I have a puppy and nothing else is in email I will immediately discard the email.  

If you are looking for a companion/pet puppy here are a few places where you can look under breeder pages should I not have anything available: For Pembroke Welsh Corgis click on the link-  Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America  From there you can look up your geographical location and breeders in that area.  For Border Collies:  Border Collie Society of America  and Nutmeg Border Collie Club


If you wish to get a rescue here are some possible links  (you can find more at the PWCCA or BCSA web pages under their RESCUE links).  Below are just a few or so many rescues.  If you are looking for an older dog you should go to the National pages and look under breeders and send an email asking if they have any retired show dogs or older dogs that may have been given back to them for one reason or another.



Corgi Aid  

Four Paws Corgi Rescue

Fairy Tails Corgi Rescue of St. Louis


For Border Collies:


Glen Highland Farm


To reach Mary-Elizabeth click link below

To reach Cathy click link below:  

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